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Azureus Plugin in title

AKVIS Artistic Bundle - 3 plugins (Sketch PlugIn + ArtWork PlugIn + ArtSuite PlugIn) Special offer for home users: Order 3 AKVIS tools in one package - and save money!...
Size: 1000 KB
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Azureus Azureus is a free Java based BitTorrent client。
Size: 9.32 MB
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Azureus Plugin Azureus Task Azureus Azureus utility  
Azureus GWT A plugin to Azureus
Size: 4.69MB
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Localhost Azureus Based on Azureus, Localhost is a program that lets you access a shared, world-wide file system through your web browser
Size: 7.1 MB
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file access system Azureus Plugin Azureus Task Azureus  
Azureus toolbar for IE The toolbar includes a cookie cleaner, a history cleaner, and a cache cleaner.
Size: 1.1 MB
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Vuze Azureus Vuze (Azureus) is a platform that enables media companies and creators of rich media content (film directors, videographers, musicians) to publish and distribute their work to millions of viewers, in
Size: 8.6 MB
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Application Platform Azureus Plugin Azureus Task Azureus  

Azureus Plugin in tags

AzCron A plugin which allows you to configure tasks to be run repeatedly at specific times
Size: 249 KB
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plugin torrent Azureus Plugin Azureus Task  
Download Focus Plugin Provides the ability to concentrate on downloading a single torrent and then resuming all other downloads upon completion
Size: 16 KB
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plugin torrent Azureus Plugin Azureus Download Focus  
Download Deleter Automatically deletes downloads based on share ratio.
Size: 111 KB
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plugin Deleter Azureus Plugin Azureus ratio share ratio  
Category Changer Automatically changes the categories of torrents based on download status
Size: 13 KB
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plugin category Azureus Plugin Azureus Download Category  
AzCatDest Category based download folders.
Size: 28 KB
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plugin sort expenditure category create category category  
Auto Speed Automatically adjust global upload speed limit based on network latency.
Size: 24 KB
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plugin Azureus Plugin Azureus upload speed limit  

Azureus Plugin in description

i18nAZ The i18nAZ was designed to be an Azureus plugin for modifying Azureus' language files (called MessagesBundle). Although the plugin is for internationalizing Azureus, the plugin itself is not currently...
Size: 53 KB
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plugin language Azureus Plugin Azureus Task Azureus  
Speed Scheduler [b]Speed Scheduler[/b] is a plugin I created for Azureus to manage your upload/download speeds on a schedule. To install it, just use the built-in plugin installer in Azureus. Be sure to select the op...
Size: 248KB
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Telnet Access Here is the official description for Telnet Access: This plugin lets you control Azureus via Telnet. Azureus already has Telnet UI access to the console - see the wiki. This provides a plugin-based a...
Size: 14KB
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Azureus Stats Azureus Stats was developed to be a simple gadget to show Azureus's current total Download and Upload speed in the sidebar. It uses the HTML Web UI plugin to get its details. Azureus is the popular Ja...
Size: 149 KB
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sidebar Gadget Azureus Plugin Azureus Task Azureus  
tSpeed Azureus and µTorrent in the Windows taskbar. Features Show current speeds of remote Azureus or µTo...plugin or µTorrent with WebUI
Size: 14KB
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Azureus EZ Booster Azureus-Ez -Booster is an excellent plug-in for Azureus client. All the features of Azureus are taken to the next level of efficiency with this program due to its modern architecture specially designe...
Size: 5.9 MB
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enhance booster boost Azureus Plugin Azureus Task Azureus